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Out Now - "Never Be Mine"

As a long time lover of Kate Bush, I couldn't resist but record my own version of "Never Be Mine", from her sixth studio album "The Sensual World", released in 1989. Based on the story of a relationship that will never progress, the narrator doesn't view it with a sense of loss, instead expressing a feeling that the fantasy of it is actually more exciting than its reality. "I want you as the dream, not the reality"

Whenever I hear Kate's original version, I always imagine it through the smoke of the burning cornfields. The wisps of smoke hold the snippets of a past that never fully formed into a future. In my own version, Niko Tsonev has captured this vision to perfection in the arrangement. Smokey ghosts weave in and out of the main guitar & synth structure allowing a story of independence and choice to sparkle through.

I'm truly honoured to have released this track. It is a tribute to Kate, whose songs were my companions through my teenage years and a huge thank you to the wonderful people who have chosen to embrace my music. I thank you from my heart

Listen here https://www.luluash.com/music

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