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Out Now - "The Phoenix"

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Photo credit: Rod Cousins

After more than a year (possibly even 2!) "The Phoenix" arrived in the place it was meant to be and is released to the world. Written as a catharsis to the complex emotions brought about by the suicide of someone very dear to me, "The Phoenix" is a song that tells of fragility and strength. Of vulnerability and empowerment. Of despair and determination.

I am so proud of this track and am hugely grateful to Niko Tsonev & Noris Schek for inspiration, patience and amazing guitar skills, and to the incredibly talented Samy Bishai for the string arrangements.

The profits from the release will be going to Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS). SOBS is small charity set up to support survivors through the roller coaster of emotions such as guilt, anger, confusion, despair along with grief and isolation. Statistically, survivors of bereavement by suicide have an increased chance of committing suicide themselves so their work is invaluable and they desperately need more volunteers to run groups and man the phone lines.

Listen here https://www.luluash.com/music

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